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To Keep the shine

At CopperBend Creations, I create unique, handmade jewelry pieces that are as beautiful as they are sustainable. I use only the highest quality materials, with a focus on copper, which we know can tarnish over time. To keep your copper jewelry looking brand new, I recommend investing in a polishing cloth. This way, when your piece does need a little extra love, you can easily wash it in warm soapy water and buff it with the cloth to bring back the copper's shine.

Healing Properties of Crystals

Experience the natural energy of crystals. Crystals are said to have the ability to promote healing, balance, and harmony in one's life. Explore my collection to find the perfect crystal for your specific needs. I believe in the power of crystals to bring positive energy and enhance your well-being.

soldered Lanradorite

Custom Pendants Crafted Just for You

Looking for a special piece of jewelry? custom pendants are the perfect way to express your unique style. I can create a stunning pendant from your favorite crystal, turning it into a one-of-a-kind piece that you'll treasure. Let me work with you to design the perfect piece that truly reflects your personality and tastes.

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